February 22 – 25, 2018 INDIANA STATE FAIRGROUNDS
Travis & Leigh Creekbaum

Travis & Leigh Creekbaum

Travis Creekbaum was born in Texas and after growing up listening to his Uncle Jim talk of his tall tales in the woods, Travis had the ambition he needed to get all he could out of the great outdoors. He took his first elk when he was 17 and his first bear when he was 29.  He has hunted all around the country (turkey, mule deer, bear, elk, duck, etc.), but his favorite is the whitetail of the Midwest.  If he gets to do it with a bow or muzzleloader he is even happier.


Leigh was born and raised in south Alabama and developed a passion for the outdoors after marrying Travis in 2004. Together they purchased a couple hundred acres in Coosa County, Alabama and their collective focus on Wildlife Management began.


Travis & Leigh started their TV venture in 2009 where they joined forces with the Campbell Outdoor Challenge. Scent Blocker’s The Chase w/ Leigh & Travis was born a few months later and is now airing on The Sportsman’s Channel.


In addition to their individual seminars, Travis and Leigh will also be part of the Ask the Pros – Big Game Series on Saturday at 3:30pm.

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