February 22 – 25, 2018 INDIANA STATE FAIRGROUNDS
Tom Richardson

Tom Richardson

Tom Richardson hails from Carson City, the heart of Michigan’s big buck country and has stalked the woods and fields for over 37 years learning and honing his skills in the ways of white-tails, turkey and small game.


An accomplished professional hunting guide and game caller, Tom attributes his success in his ability to get close to the animals he’s hunting by becoming as invisible to the game as humanly possible. In his seminars, Tom not only teaches different deer calling techniques, but also, and just as important, scent and sight control, learning the animals habits, weaknesses and developing and utilizing woodsman-ship skills to successfully blend into the forest, becoming a part of his surroundings by not only vocally imitating the animal he’s hunting, but other animals as well to cover his tracks.


Tom’s seminar is strictly a nuts and bolts, educational tool that will open the door for hunters that want to enhance their hunting skills by learning the art of calling deer and unconventional, outside the box hunting strategies to get you up close and personal with the game. His unique old school style and sense of humor is complimented by the many years of knowledge he has acquired hunting Michigan’s woods and fields and the genuine enjoyment he gets from passing on what he’s learned to fellow hunters.


A must see for both veterans and new hunters alike.


“The Art of Calling Deer and Becoming Invisible in the Woods”


  • Understanding basic deer communication – vocal, visual and scent
  • Programming deer during the off season using visual and scent techniques to  frequent and hold in your hunting area
  • Calling in the does and holding them there to bring in the bucks
  • Calling in a hot doe
  • The deadly fawn bawl
  • Challenging a buck
  • Calling in a lone buck
  • I have his attention, what do I do now?
  • Sparking curiosity
  • Putting the deer at ease
  • Early, middle and late season calling
  • Imitating other animals to cover your presence
  • Using a decoy and mock scrapes
  • Becoming invisible in the deer woods and scouting undetected


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