February 22 – 25, 2018 INDIANA STATE FAIRGROUNDS

Melissa Bachman

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Tips & Tactics to Calling and Decoying Big Game- This seminar will go over tips and tactics for using decoys on  whitetails and elk along with a variety of calling techniques for everything from alligators to moose to whitetails.

 The Art of Self Filming: Helping You Get the Best Footage Possible- Self filming has become a fun hobby for many      hunters across the country, however it doesn’t take long to realize it can be a lot harder than it looks!

Steps to Getting New Women & Kids Involved in Hunting- The future of our sport relies in getting new people involved but a common question is, “What do I need do to get my kids, wife, or someone new into hunting and the outdoors?” 

 About Melissa Bachman

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