February 22 – 25, 2018 INDIANA STATE FAIRGROUNDS
Roger Sigler

Roger Sigler

Roger Sigler is an innovator and business entrepreneur who is actively involved in animal training. For over 38 years he has trained hundreds of dogs professionally. Roger has spent years studying and working with dogs such as pointers, shorthairs, setters, Labradors as well as other breeds.  His training of animals involves no force or harsh training, but instead he gains their trust and co-operation so they enjoy the task they are asked to perform.

Not only has Roger trained many different sporting breeds of dogs, he has also worked with drug dogs, search and rescue, and bomb detection dogs.  With all of his experience, he expanded into the sport of shed hunting. Roger has been featured in Whitetail magazine.  He currently has 15 dogs at various stages of training. 



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