February 22 – 25, 2018 INDIANA STATE FAIRGROUNDS
Pat & Nicole

Pat & Nicole

Pat Reeve and Nicole Jones live and breathe hunting and love chasing game together around the country. The stars of “Driven,” a reality based television show, Pat and Nicole have proven to be a great team as the show quickly becomes one of the best shows on television today.

Pat Reeve says his dad’s love of whitetail deer hunting is the reason for his passion for hunting for over 30 years. Pat worked as a whitetail guide, field producer/pro staffer before catching a big career break as producer and co-host of North American Whitetail Television. The show was nominated and won several awards, but after two years, Pat began his own show, “Driven TV” with Nicole.

Nicole Jones met Pat in 2005 at the Archery Trade Show and was given the opportunity to appear on North American Whitetail television. In 2007 Nicole joined with Pat for “Driven TV.”

She credits her love of the outdoors to her dad. As a child in southern Illinois, Nicole spent her days in the woods with her dad and brother hunting, harvesting deer, mushroom hunting, fishing, and creeping through the woods looking for squirrels.

Nicole and Pat speak at hunting shows throughout the year and love meeting all kinds of new people who love the outdoors. Nicole says, “I love seeing kids faces light up when they come up to the booth for photos and autographs because I can see their passion coming out and that’s why I do what I do!”



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