February 22 – 25, 2018 INDIANA STATE FAIRGROUNDS
Jim Ward

Jim Ward

Jim has been hunting from a young age and has patterned his life to the pursuit of hunting deer.  After high school, Jim joined the Marine Corps where he learned land navigation and maps at the Navy Seal Training Center.  After training he left for the Persian Gulf and participated in Operation Earnest Will.  In 1989 he left the corps to attend Vincennes University and obtaining an associates degree in Conservation Law.

After school, Jim continued hunting on public lands before heading to Ball State University and obtaining a bachelors degree in Natural Resources.  After moving to Iowa, Jim landed his first career in land management in 2001 assisting a friend on his property.  In the first year of management they found three bucks, the largest measuring 110”.  The first three years of structured improvement 126” to 140” bucks were being harvested.  Drastic improvement in buck size has continued with many bucks from 150” to 184” with four of the deer scoring over 170”.

Jim now features courses at “Jim Ward’s Whitetail Academy.” Classes feature valuable information on scent control, calling deer, cameras, equipment, anatomy, field care and mapping. His passion and knowledge for hunting have always helped him help others. Jim will be speaking at the show about building buck and doe beds and travel corridors, so stop by and learn from the expert!


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