February 22 – 25, 2018 INDIANA STATE FAIRGROUNDS
Frank Addington

Frank Addington

Frank Addington, Jr. aka “The Aspirin Buster” is bringing his exciting archery stage show to our show in 2012! Addington, 44, is a West Virginia native and has been shooting a bow and arrow since the age of 4 and has been on stage doing shows for 27 years this year! Addington’s unique brand of “Bow and Arrow Razzle Dazzle” led rock and roll legend Ted Nugent to dub Addington “the master.”

During Addington’s show you will see multiple arrow

shots, multiple target shots, and his signature baby aspirin from mid air from behind his back! Addington has two new amazing shots for

this show which includes a 12 arrow in one shot and the second new shot will be a mustard seed from mid air— all done with his Hoyt bow behind his back. This is a show the entire family can enjoy and the message will promote getting your family outdoors, trying outdoor sports like archery, and living a drug free lifestyle. Young and old alike will be amazed at this fast paced show.

In 2007 at this same show, Addington tried a shot for the first time ever and managed to hit it first try! The assistant show producer tossed three baby aspirin into the air and Addington fired three arrows from behind his back–and hit all three pills first shot!

Addington is on the pro staff for Hoyt, Muzzy, and is an instinctive archer. He and his wife are graduates of Marshall University in West Virginia and reside in WV with their son Gus and a few quarter horses. Gus began shooting a bow at 18 months old. 

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