February 22 – 25, 2018 INDIANA STATE FAIRGROUNDS
Chuck Brenner

Chuck Brenner

Chuck Brenner is Florida born and Tennessee raised.  He’s a self-made hunter that learned the ropes in the hills of west Tennessee and currently resides in Southern Indiana.  He bought his first bow in 1994 and started competing shortly after.  By 1995 he began winning pretty regularly. In 1996, he competed in the world turkey championship in Indiana, the state championship shoot in Tennessee and in several other competitions. He racked up 3 state championships, two NFAA and one TAA and won state champion of Kentucky during a world qualifier.  He has also competed in two world shoots.


Chuck loves to hunt turkey, deer, quail, rabbit and squirrel, but his favorite is wild hog. He discovered wild hogs in Indiana around 2003 and began hunting them in 2004. Since then he has killed more than 100. He works with the Division of Fish and Wildlife by giving them DNA and blood and tissue samples from the hogs he kills.  He has had several articles published in major magazines on hog hunting and trapping.

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