February 22 – 25, 2018 INDIANA STATE FAIRGROUNDS
Brian and Tara Seiler

Brian and Tara Seiler

Tara Seiler
I grew up on a small dairy farm in South Central Wisconsin where I was surrounded by a family of passionate deer hunters. My dad, Nate, and my two brothers, Brent and Aaron, all loved to hunt, but I also had some strong female hunting role models to look up to in my mom Ellen, Grandma Iszy, and Aunt Karla. Hunting took a back seat for a time as my education and sports took priority. I graduated college with a degree in Psychology and spent a number of years working with children who were diagnosed with Autism. My husband, Brian, was the one who encouraged me to get back out in the woods and the rest as they say, is history! Both of our parents taught us to love and appreciate the outdoors and my husband and I now enjoy instilling those same values in our two children, Brady and Jackie.

Brian Seiler
Some of the first memories I have is making bows out of sticks and baler twine. My dad would give us his old arrows and that’s how I learned to shoot a bow! When I was about 6 I graduated to my uncles old straight bow. It also had a baler twine string and was about twice as tall as me but I made it work! My first compound was a hand me down from my brother, an American Eagle, and I was 8. It had a 15-30 pound draw but we were able to get it down to 12 pounds for me. I would practice every night my dad did and was a pretty good shot out to 15 yards by the end of the summer. I still have that bow to this day! By the time I turned 12 I was a real good shot with my bow and I was more than eager to hit the woods! My first deer was a buck…a nubbin, but man was I on top of the world! I also shot my first “legal” buck with the bow that year, a small 8 pt buck. Later that fall I shot my first buck with a rifle, a 13 pointer! When we went and recovered it, I cried, not because I was happy, but because it was so small (maybe the smallest 13 point ever), you see my dad was practicing deer management before there was such a thing, and I thought he would be angry. Of course he wasn’t and the rest is history. Now that I have two beautiful kids, Brady and Jackie, I can’t wait to pass the traditions my father handed down to me, onto them! They did get a better start than me though, they’ve never had to make a bow out of sticks and twine!

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